90-Day Sales™ | CRM & Virtual Training Platform


What You'll Get:

  • 60-Minutes of Training with Dr. Bruce Lund where he will walk you through the 90-Day Sales Plan.
  • 30-Minutes of Excercises specific to you and your business planning.
  • Business Autopsy: we will show you how to find, package, and sell what makes you different than everyone else.
  • Self-Evaluation: we will show you the 10 ingredients of every successful entrepreneur and how you compare.
  • Proactive Prospecting™ System: we will show you a lead gen selling system that filters qualified leads that convert.
  • Dominant Focus: we will help you define sales goals and the benchmarks you need to hit each month.
  • High-Value Activities: we will help you identify the greatest use of your time that generates the most revenue.
  • Immediate Access to the Online Platform where you will watch the training content, download the blueprint, and view the keynote presentation PDF.
  • Coach-on-Call™ Button used to ask any support questions you may have at anytime directly inside the online platform.
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We agree to keep your data private. Please check with your compliance department on certain sales, service, and marketing concepts. We are not responsible for a participant's failure to comply with their industry's governing policies.